Team Miguel and Cynthia


C: 514 641-6836

O: 450 658-8211

Team Miguel and Cynthia


C: 514 641-6836

O: 450 658-8211

From ties to high heels, a distinguished experience!

In everyday life and in business, Miguel and Cynthia share common goals and join forces to make the most of every situation.

This tandem with complementary skills forms a dynamic, innovative and competent team!

With heart and determination, this duo, who are also a couple, have chosen to live the real estate life to achieve their goal: to help people carry out the most important transaction of their lives and contribute to the realization of their projects. Parents of two young boys, Miguel and Cynthia consider surpassing themselves, helping others and empathy as fundamental values.

Open to the realities, markets, negotiation variables and situations of each client, Miguel and Cynthia will guide you in the realization of your projects, no matter how ambitious they may be!
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Team Miguel and Cynthia

  • Cynthia Monzon
    Cynthia Monzon
    Residential Real Estate Broker

    Cynthia Monzon: Your Trusted Real Estate Agent in Montreal's South Shore

    From the beginning of her career, Cynthia Monzon has established herself as an unparalleled figure in the real estate landscape of Montreal's South Shore. Passionate and committed, her journey stands as a testament to determination and professionalism.

    Emerging from a rigorous background, Cynthia quickly stood out with her client-centric approach, always prioritizing the needs and aspirations of those she serves. Her strengths not only lie in her deep understanding of the local real estate market but also in her ability to forge authentic and lasting relationships with her clients. Through active listening and innate empathy, she swiftly and efficiently discerns her clients' desires, enabling them to achieve their real estate objectives in the best possible conditions.

    Choosing Cynthia as your real estate agent ensures you benefit from unparalleled expertise in Montreal's South Shore. It also guarantees a transparent, honest, and above all, fruitful collaboration. Beyond her technical skills, it's her passion, dedication, and commitment to her clients that position Cynthia as a true ally in realizing your property dreams.

    The real estate sector is ever-evolving, and every transaction is unique. With Cynthia Monzon by your side, you'll not only navigate these intricacies with confidence but also have the assurance of making informed and wise decisions, always in your best interest.

    Choose excellence, experience, and expertise. Cynthia Monzon, your premier real estate agent on Montreal's South Shore, is here to guide you to success.

  • Miguel Otiniano
    Miguel Otiniano
    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
    Miguel Otiniano Courtier Immobilier Inc.

    Miguel Otiniano: Your Real Estate Ally

    When you think of real estate, think of Miguel Otiniano. With a reputation built on integrity, dedication, and an unmatched sense of customer service, Miguel stands out with his ability to turn your real estate dreams into reality.

    Miguel understands that each real estate transaction is unique, just like the needs of each client. That's why he adopts a personalized approach, listening intently to your wishes and aligning his strategy to meet them. Equipped with a robust knowledge of the local market, he has an eye for spotting the best opportunities, whether it's a first-time purchase or an investment.

    But Miguel is more than just a real estate agent. He's an advisor, a partner, and often, a friend to his clients. His passion for real estate translates to contagious energy, and he's always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his clients are content, secure, and thrilled with their transaction.

    When working with Miguel, you also benefit from an extensive network of professionals - inspectors, notaries, mortgage brokers, and more - ensuring every step of your real estate journey is smooth and stress-free.

    To Miguel, real estate is not just a career; it's a calling. He believes in building lifelong relationships, standing by your side long after the sale closes. Because he knows a home is not just a transaction; it's a haven, an investment, a dream come true.

    If you're looking for a professional who will put your interests at the forefront, who will navigate the complexities of the real estate market with expertise and compassion, look no further. Miguel Otiniano is the person you've been waiting for.

    Join the growing community of satisfied clients and experience the difference with Miguel.

  • Cynthia Monzon Cynthia Monzon
  • Miguel Otiniano Miguel Otiniano

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